Friday, February 20, 2009

The perfect winter toy

This past week we decided to order a second life vest for when we go to the beach this summer. (This way I won't have to worry so much when Reese and Will are in the water.)  Little did I know that when it arrived, the vests would be the perfect toys to play with right now!  Reese and Will (and mommy) are in life vest heaven!


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

First Haircuts - Disney Style!

While we were in Disney, Reese and Will had their first haircuts!  They were 2 years 4 months, and probably could have went another year before having their hair cut! (It just doesn't grow like Olivia's hair does!) The last day of our trip we spent at the Magic Kingdom and tucked back beside the barn, is the barber shop.  We were lucky to get in before our breakfast at Cinderella's Castle.  

Will went first and sat right up in the big boy seat.  He loved having the cape around him and everyone watching.  He did so good!!  I didn't have a clue how to have his hair cut - the barber did a pretty good job.  Will looked like such a big boy after he was done!  I loved the Mickey ears they received - on the back it said "First Haircut"!  Here are some pictures of Will. 

Olivia didn't have her hair done, but the barber sprinkled confetti all over her hair.  She really liked that. (Although it took several washings to get it all out!)

Reese wasn't real sure of the whole hair cut procedure.  I thought she was going to freak out! The barber gave her a bunch of Mickey Mouse stickers and started putting them on her shirt. That helped to keep her occupied so he could do his work.  Since she was only getting a tiny trim, it didn't take long at all.  Here she is getting her hair cut.

She was so proud of all the stickers on her outfit. She had them on all day long!  

Friday, February 6, 2009

Disney, Part 2

Hollywood Studios was our next stop on our Disney trip.  Olivia's favorite ride, The Tower of Terror, is there so she was super excited.  Reese and Will had a good day too, esp. watching the Playhouse Disney show.  There they could see The Little Einsteins, Mickey Mouse, Tigger and Pooh, and Handy Manny. We have been watching the movie Cars at home and were happy to see that we could meet Lightning McQueen and Mater.

Poor Will didn't bring anything to dress up in so we found a Jedi robe by the Star Wars ride that we bought for him.  Unfortunately it is a little big, so he isn't wearing it that much!

We finished up the day having dinner at the Boardwalk and walking around Epcot while watching the fireworks.  The next morning we had breakfast with the Princesses in Norway (in Epcot).  Will loved meeting Mary Poppins - she even kissed his forehead and left red smooch marks! 

Olivia loved hanging out with grandma as we waited for our table.

At breakfast, we saw Belle, Jasmine, Sleeping Beauty, and Mulan.  I had to include the following picture for two reasons.  1.  Poor Will is picking his nose!  (Sorry Will) 2.  The look Reese is giving Princess Aurora!  She was not happy to be that close. :)

Here are a few more pics from Epcot.

The last day of our trip we spent at the Magic Kingdom.  After Reese and Will had their first haircuts (that post to come soon), we had breakfast at Cinderella's Castle.  

Reese really enjoyed the goofy roller coaster saying "that was fun!" when it was over. We couldn't resist buying Will a Buzz Lightyear costume and having his picture taken with Buzz.

We really did have the perfect vacation.  The kids had a blast and really was blown away from it all.  I can't wait until we visit Disney again!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Have a Magical Day!

Reese and Will's first trip to Disney World was a complete success.  Besides having the best weather (80's and sunny), we had the best time. Olivia was a great big sister the entire trip telling Reese and Will all about the airplane, characters, our Disney home, rides, and much more! Here are the kids getting ready to go on the airplane.

We had a morning flight so we could maximize our first day at the park.  I was a little nervous about skipping Reese and Will's nap, but they were in the best of moods! After we checked in, we headed over to the Magic Kingdom. Grandma and PapPap met us there and after a quick picture of Cinderella's castle, we headed for some rides. 

Reese and Olivia had so much fun dressing up in the evenings.  Reese was Cinderella and Olivia was Sleeping Beauty. Here they are doing their princess pose!

For dinner that night, we went to The Crystal Palace to eat with Pooh and friends.  I thought this would be perfect since Reese and Will LOVE Tigger and Pooh.  We learned real fast though that Reese was terrified of the characters.  Unfortunately she will not be in many of those pictures!  Will, on the other hand, loved them and always hugged and kissed them. :)

The next day, we headed over to the Animal Kingdom after eating breakfast at our Disney home.  

When we went to the Bug's Life show, Reese again wanted nothing to do with the 3-D glasses.  But during the show - it was Will who got scared. Thankfully the safari ride was a hit with everyone. 

After a nap in the afternoon, we had dinner at Chef Mickeys.  Minnie Mouse was sly and was able to slide in to get a picture with Reese!

After dinner, we rode the monorail to Epcot so that we could walk back to our Disney home.  Even though Reese and Will were tired, Reese and Olivia still dressed up again to walk through the park and catch the fireworks. 

Until tomorrow (with another Disney post), have a magical day!