Sunday, March 29, 2009

Our visit with the Easter Bunny

This afternoon we took the kids to the mall to see the Easter Bunny.  I was a little nervous with Reese considering how scared she was of the characters at Disney World. To my surprise though, she went right up to him and sat on his lap.  Then when we were done taking pictures, she gave him a hug!  I think she still looks a little frightened in the pictures.  Her smile isn't too convincing!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

We are rollin' with bike stories!

Last night Olivia informed us that she can ride a bike without training wheels.  

Earlier in the day, a neighbor friend was over playing and Olivia decided to try out her bike (that didn't have training wheels).  I caught a glimpse of this out of the corner of my eye and thought to myself, "Wow, is she really riding that bike?".  When I turned completely around to watch she had decided that she was done and went on playing with something else.  I didn't think much more of it until dinner when she announced that she could do it.

When we got home from dinner, we decided to bite the bullet and just take the training wheels off.  I couldn't believe my eyes, but she did a pretty good job!  Turning corners still needs more practice, but riding in a straight line was pretty good.

I really think what helped her was Reese and Will's balance bike.  They received this as a gift for their birthday and we had put it away because they were still a touch too small.  Since the weather has been getting better, we brought it out for Olivia to practice on.  She has gotten pretty good at balancing on it.  Here she is on the balance bike.

Unfortunately my pictures turned out a little blurry - Here are the two best ones of her on her bike.

Monday, March 23, 2009

She's a natural

Last week we decided to get Olivia's old Dora bike down to see if Reese would be interested in riding on it.  Little did we know that not only did she want to - she was really good.  It was like she had been riding for years.  She absolutely loved riding so we decided to get her a good bike for the summer. Here are a couple of pictures and a video of Reese and her new "Purple Flower" bike!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wow, 6 months already??

Brrrrring.....   Brrrrring.....


This call is to confirm your children's dentist appointments in 2 days.....

Oh, wow, already??  (I guess I forgot to write that one down in my calendar!)  Sure, ummm, we'll be there.

Today was the day for the dentist.  The last time we went to the dentist was the first visit for Reese and Will. They didn't do so hot.  I had to sit in there with them while they screamed and cried. Luckily I had reinforcements in the waiting room to watch the other kids!  Today though, I went in with great confidence (OK, really I woke up at 3:00am worrying about how I was going to handle the meltdowns, in which order they would go, whether they would tell me never to come back again - the list really does go on!).

I had Will go in first. I followed a few steps behind and he seemed to do great.  I went back into the waiting room and a few minutes later I was summoned in to help with him. He was not having any part of getting his teeth cleaned.  I thought he was going to choke he was crying so hard.  It was so sad.  Luckily as I was helping him, Olivia was sent back and they let Reese sit in a chair next to her.  Reese was able to help them with Olivia's exam by holding a very important mirror!  When Will was finally finished I peeked in on the girls and they were doing fantastic. Will and I went back into the waiting room and before I knew it, Olivia and Reese were done with no tears.  

So I think I can say that the trip was almost a complete success!  No cavities and only one meltdown. **sigh**

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It's a done deal!

Yes, Olivia is officially signed up for Kindergarten.  I feel like she just hit a major milestone!  We went into her "new" school and turned in all of the paperwork to start her up this fall.  I think she felt really big today walking in and seeing some of the school. She was especially excited to see that there was a library inside!  She does love books.

I am glad that tomorrow she'll be back to preschool. (At least for a little while longer.)

(I wonder if fairy attire would be appropriate for Kindergarten?)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Oh, she did NOT just do that!

After music class on Tuesdays, we always go to lunch with our friends.  Nothing fancy, just a great sandwich shop with the most fabulous sweet tea. As we were walking along the sidewalk towards the door Reese finds a half eaten sucker on the ground. I turn around to tell her to walk a little faster and what do I see?  That half eaten sucker in. her. mouth!  I about gagged right there on the spot.  I pulled it out of her mouth and threw it back down on the ground. 

On the way out of the restaurant to the car, she spotted it on the ground and ran to try and pick it up again!  Ewww so disgusting. 

Sunday, March 1, 2009

My Handsome Little Man!

Just a month ago, you might remember my post about Reese and Will's first haircuts.  You remember, how fun it was having it cut at the Magic Kingdom Barber Shop in Disney World??? (Fantastic time - wouldn't change the experience for anything!)  Well,  I haven't exactly been thrilled with the cut.  It wasn't horrible, but it just didn't look right.  So Saturday Will and Daddy had some man time together and went to our local barber shop.  I was quite surprised with how not worried I was about how it would turn out.  **I can be a little obsessive about things!** Wow, was I blown away when I saw his haircut!  I. LOVED. IT!  Here is my handsome little man. 

The best part was the great story Greg had about the outing.  Will finished his haircut first and, like a big boy, went to the chairs against the wall to sit down to wait for Greg to finish.  On the table next to him were some magazines.  Will, who loves to read books and look at magazines, picked up a magazine and began to stare at the pictures.  One guess as to which magazine Will was looking at??? Yep, Maxim!  Such a big boy at only 2 years of age. *smile*