Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Reese and Will's first day of preschool!

Reese and Will started preschool today! I can't tell you how excited they were. I'm not sure if it was that they were starting school or if it was their backpacks. :) Here they were before we left this morning.

Will's backpack is as big as he is!

No tears here!

At this point they were tired of me taking pictures!

Here is a picture of their classroom. They were one of the first ones there this morning so they had free reign of all the toys. It was cute that they played with each other - unfortunately that only lasted a few minutes. Will wanted to play with trucks!

After school was over, they were able to put their papers in their backpacks all by themselves.

When I went to pick them up, I think over 1/2 the class was crying! Will even said on the way home that his friends were crying. Luckily Reese and Will just sat there like big kids. :) They can't wait to go back on Friday.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

New School Vocabulary Part 2

Last night while giving Olivia a bath, I heard her saying over and over, "Dude - No Way!" Every time she said it, she did it with a different expression - like she was testing what the best way was to say that phrase!!