Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Soccer anyone?

I guess it's fitting that I write my soccer post after Olivia is finished with her fall season! She really had a great time playing on her co-ed Kindergarten team. It was nice that she had someone on her team from her class and that she knew at least one person from every other team she played. After her last game, all of the kids received a trophy. Boy was she excited!! We are displaying it proudly on our mantle.

Shortly after Olivia started playing, we signed Will up to play as well. He wasn't quite old enough to play on his own so he is in a parent - toddler class with Greg. He ABSOLUTELY loves playing. The uniforms that they gave the kids are adorable too! Luckily with his soccer he can continue to play through the winter since it is indoors.

Just realized as I was about to upload pictures of Will that I really don't have any good pictures to share! Hmmm, that makes for a good blog post! Here he is from the back! He is number 2.

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