Sunday, August 24, 2008

Here's to you Fay!

Dear Fay, 

First off, I want to say - I WON!  Sorry to be so blunt and hurt your feelings, but I made it through my vacation without your wrath sending me home.  You really were the unwelcomed guest wreaking havoc on my nerves.  It started last weekend as I was packing to go on my last minute, well deserved cruise (without kids).  The news reports had you headed straight towards the Bahamas - my destination.  You were going to hit just as I was to arrive.  The cruise line even called me at home (well, with an automated message) telling me to check their website for updates to see if they were even going to leave.  WHAT, they might not even leave? Oh, I was not happy with you.  Do you know how much I needed this vacation??  

On Monday your path was changed and you were headed over the Keys - I thought I was in the clear.  Oh, how wrong I was.  For some reason you had it out for me.  Miami was having horrible winds and rain and I began to worry about my flight.   The cruise line said that they might be leaving early so everyone needed to be on the boat as early as they could. OK, a little wind and rain can't be too bad, right?? I thought by getting in at 12:30, I would have plenty of time. As I am sitting in Atlanta for my layover, I hear that my flight has been delayed just as I am checking online with the cruise and see that everyone needs to be on the boat by 2:00 because they are leaving at 3:00 (2 hours early).  Panic is really setting in.  There was no way I was going to let you, Fay, ruin my trip.  All my positive thoughts were going every which way trying to knock your fury down. You almost had my somewhat calm husband ready to go back home.  There was no way I was going to back down.  

The plane ride was pretty bumpy.  All I could do was close my eyes, listen to my ipod, and wait. We landed around 1:15 (45 min. late) which gave us only 45 min. to get our luggage and cab and get to the port.  Your wind was really strong but I told the cab driver to go as fast as he could.

You know what Fay - we made it on the boat, champagne in hand, by 1:57.  3 minutes to spare. For some reason though, you weren't done with me.  We did leave the port early but you followed us and rocked us like there was no tomorrow.  To tell you the truth, I liked it.  I slept really well, except when things would fly off the desk in our room in the middle of the night!  I am glad that you decided to give up on Tuesday.  Your torrential downpours and blow me off my feet winds didn't keep us on the boat.  Nope, we were with the crazy crowd.  We bought the ridiculously priced ponchos and we headed out to explore.  I'm glad to see that shortly after we left the boat, you gave up.  You even moved away enough for the sun to come out.  

That was a good fight you put on.  Sorry for you though, I WON.  I am sorry that I didn't bring my camera to take pictures of you at your best.  You really had some great photo moments.  Oh well, my memory of you will last forever.

Your not so best friend,
Relaxed and Rejuvenated

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