Monday, August 11, 2008

Oh are we talking now!

Maybe I should say, we are screaming now!  Reese at 22 months, is finally starting to put words together to make sentences.  I was really excited - thinking for the longest time that she would never talk.  But now, after her voice level is off the scales, I'm not real sure! Her favorite sentence is...

I WANNA (fill in the blank)!

   ook           (book)
   menah      (banana)
   bite           yes - she has that word down
   etzuhl       (pretzel)
   ishey         (fishy - goldfish)

The list goes on.  

Her second favorite thing to say is...

NO, NO, NO (fill in the blank)!  

   'ill               (Will)
   ti tat           (kitty cat - she won't say Kula!)
   luh ya ya    (Olivia)  

And finally, her third favorite thing to say (yell) is...

     OOK!        (Look)

She is constantly pointing out things for us to look at. Most of the time she just yells 'ook, but if we don't acknowledge her, she'll add a very forceful mommy or daddy to the beginning or end of look!

This weekend Will was in the trash looking for treasure when I heard Olivia telling him to get out of the trash. Reese, who is in the playroom on the other side of the house, must have heard Olivia too.  The next thing I know, Reese is running as fast as she can to the kitchen yelling "NO, NO, NO 'ill" waving her finger at Will.  She is definitely the dominant twin.  Maybe that is why she feels that screaming is a proper form of talking. Who knows!

Reese's famous finger pointing "NO"!

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