Thursday, December 11, 2008

Noooo, Not Santa

This morning we decided to take the kids to see Santa at the Children's Museum.  I was preparing for the absolute worst scenario with Reese kicking and screaming with complete fear paralyzing her face.  But to be honest, it wasn't that bad.  Olivia and I worked on her letter to Santa yesterday.  She told me the majority of what to write and she wrote in the items that she wanted. I didn't sway her decisions with what she might want from Santa, I let her come up with ideas on her own.  She put the following on her list:

1.  toy dog
2.  games
3.  toy horse
4.  dolls
5.  picture frame (no idea where this came from??)
6. rocking chair
7. camera

When we got there, all of the kids were really excited.  They all had smiles on their faces and were jumping up and down.  As we got closer and closer though, Reese seemed to be getting a little stressed out. When it was our turn, we put Olivia on a stool in front of Santa and Will on one leg.  When Reese saw what was happening she started saying real loud, "NOOOO" as she turned her body into rubber. I couldn't pick her up off the floor to save my life! I told her that I was going to sit next to Santa and she could sit on my lap.  She didn't realize though that I was sitting her on Santa's lap and I quickly got out of the way.  Here is our picture.  

The funny thing is how scared Will looks!  He was so quiet that I thought he was fine. I focused on Reese making sure she wasn't going to try to slide off Santa's lap.  Poor Will - hopefully he won't be haunted from the experience!

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