Sunday, December 28, 2008

Reese Did It!

Hmmm, what did she do you ask??  

She went to the potty for the FIRST time tonight!  

Oh, how excited I was when she said, "I go potty mom mom" (yes for some strange reason she calls me mom mom!) and proceeded to walk into the bathroom like a big girl.  

This is not all though. After she went, I began to put on her diaper and she informed me that she had to go number 2 as well.  And low and behold, we went back to the potty and she did!  

I have no idea where this all came from.  Lately she has been dry at naps and I have asked her if she wanted to sit on the potty, but she always said no. After going through potty training already with Olivia, I am not about to push it with Reese and Will.  Deep down I also know that this is probably a fluke and she won't go on the potty again for a while.  

Oh, but did we do the potty dance afterwards.  We also celebrated with M & M's!!  I was such a proud mommy!  **smile**


Annie said...

Good job, Reese.

Grandma K said...

That's my big girl! Who can blame her for wanting to try something other than #1 & #2 in a diaper? Way to go Reese!