Saturday, January 10, 2009

Tonight was Will's turn!

A few posts back I was so excited to report Reese's victories on the potty.  Poor Will though had nothing.  Since then, they both sit on the potty everyday for 2.2 seconds saying "all done" and laughing.  Every time though, nothing.  Last night Reese went again resulting in M & M's for her and Olivia. (Yes, Olivia gets rewarded for their successes too!)  

Tonight was Will's turn to shine!  How excited we all were when he went to the potty! Olivia brought him his M & M's and then proceeded to help herself to a whole handful (2-3 is the limit). Reese on the other hand was not happy when she was left out of the rewards.  Maybe that will be a great incentive for her to really try every time!!  

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