Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Today's the BIG day!

This morning, my oldest daughter started kindergarten.

As I am sitting here typing this post, I still can't believe she is a kindergartner.

We have talked it up all summer about how she'd be riding the school bus with the big kids and how she'll go to school all day everyday. We told her she'd be able to bring her lunch to school, meet new friends, and learn how to read. We read a bunch of books about Kindergarten and even looked up online different games that Kindergartners play. She couldn't wait for school to start.

She was so excited when I woke her up this morning. She jumped right out of bed and started to get dressed. After breakfast and a mini photo session in the living room, we went outside to the bus stop.

I took her picture about 100 more times and got a few pics of her with some of her friends.

Then the moment came where all of the kids saw the school bus. Olivia was grinning from ear to ear. She turned around at the last minute and gave me a huge smile. My heart just melted. She's officially a "big" kid!

I will say, it was hard for me not to get on the bus with her! To make sure she was able to get a good seat, to remind her of the bus rules, and to remind her to tell the bus driver "thank you" when she gets off the bus. To make sure she remembered what her lunch choice was for today, to see if she remembered where her cubby was, and if she remembered her teacher's name.

I have to remember, she's growing up and can do these things by herself. She'll be fine and will have a great first day of school. I'll be waiting at the bus stop for her this afternoon where she'll tell me all about her day and how she'll be excited to go back tomorrow!

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Annie said...

Wow, she is in kindergarten. Hope she had a wonderful day. I'm anxious to know how was her day.

Have a nice weekend.