Sunday, March 1, 2009

My Handsome Little Man!

Just a month ago, you might remember my post about Reese and Will's first haircuts.  You remember, how fun it was having it cut at the Magic Kingdom Barber Shop in Disney World??? (Fantastic time - wouldn't change the experience for anything!)  Well,  I haven't exactly been thrilled with the cut.  It wasn't horrible, but it just didn't look right.  So Saturday Will and Daddy had some man time together and went to our local barber shop.  I was quite surprised with how not worried I was about how it would turn out.  **I can be a little obsessive about things!** Wow, was I blown away when I saw his haircut!  I. LOVED. IT!  Here is my handsome little man. 

The best part was the great story Greg had about the outing.  Will finished his haircut first and, like a big boy, went to the chairs against the wall to sit down to wait for Greg to finish.  On the table next to him were some magazines.  Will, who loves to read books and look at magazines, picked up a magazine and began to stare at the pictures.  One guess as to which magazine Will was looking at??? Yep, Maxim!  Such a big boy at only 2 years of age. *smile*

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