Friday, September 12, 2008

Uggh, the dentist!

Yesterday all 3 kids had a dentist appointment.  Olivia has been to the dentist before and is an old pro, but this was Reese and Will's first time.  I was very nervous for this appointment mostly because we aren't the greatest at remembering to brush teeth and I thought I'd hear it from the dentist!!  Also, I knew Will would flip out.  Here are a few pictures of Will and Reese brushing their teeth (and playing with the water) from a few weeks ago.

Reese went first and looked like she would be fine.  They gave her cute little sunglasses to wear and a hand held mirror to hold.  When they started poking around in her mouth she began to cry.  Luckily she didn't move at all and continued to let them do their work.  She cried and cried and said over and over "I wanna go bye-bye"!  Not to stressful on my part.  Then it was Will's turn.  Just like Reese, he loved the glasses and mirror.  The exception was when they began to look in his mouth, he flipped out. Screaming, crying, kicking - the works.  He kept trying to put his thumb in his mouth but obviously he couldn't do that.  It broke my heart trying to hold him still.  The dentist was great though, and worked super fast so it was over before I knew it.  They both had great looking teeth and there is nothing to worry about.  Here they are before they knew what was happening!

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