Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween Fun

We had so much fun this Halloween with several opportunities to dress up in our favorite costumes. The first was the annual twins club Halloween party which is always a hit. There were many fun crafts, a cookie decorating table (which was Will's FAVORITE!), a snack table, and some awesome goody bags. We met up with our friends Michael, Logan, and Aiden who looked smashing in their costumes. For this party Will choose to be a football player and for everything else he was Buzz Light Year.

Olivia's school had a Kindergarten party where the kids were able to dress up, play games, do crafts, and watch an animal show put on by Silly Safaris. Again, another fun evening had by the kids!

And the night we were all waiting for, Halloween. Tonight, Olivia wanted her face painted like Mulan does in the movie and she looked stunning! We walked around with our friends and my niece came over to walk around with us as well. She looked adorable as a ladybug and guarded her bag like it was worth a million dollars! All of the kids did great Trick-or-Treating despite the chilly weather and came home with a TON of candy. Luckily the demand for candy is dropping more and more each day just as I am sneaking candy out of their bags to make it look like they have eaten it! (Ok, so maybe I've been eating a little here and there!!)

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