Thursday, November 12, 2009

My little Cherub Singers

Last year Olivia was in the Cherub Choir at church.  It was the cutest thing EVER seeing her belt out her church songs as loud as she could.  I couldn't wait for this year to come so Reese and Will could join Olivia up on stage to sing their little hearts out too.  

They've been practicing the same two songs for 2 months now every Wednesday night.  I have been lucky enough to sit out in the hall to listen to them practicing and everything was going great.  We sang our songs at home and to everyone we knew.  I thought, "Yes - they are ready!" 

This past Sunday was the moment of truth - Olivia, being the old pro she was, had no problem getting her robe on and ran right in to get ready.  Reese and Will seemed a little hesitant and really wanted nothing to do with their robes. The one thing that was working was their "bribe"!  

Let me back up - before we left for church we told the kids that if they were really good listeners and sang really well in church, they could pick out 2 pieces of candy from their trick-or-treat bags!!  We even brought their candy bags in the car so they could pick something out as soon as church was over. :)

Anyways, we dropped them off after trying to take a few pictures and waited for them to enter the sanctuary.  To our surprise, in they walked as quiet as could be and stood perfectly in their rows.  They all three sang great and looked so adorable!  I was so proud of them.  Of course the first thing they said when we picked them up was, "Do we get our candy now?!".

I blocked out all of the faces except Olivia, Reese, and Will.  Olivia and Reese are in the top row right in the middle and Will is in the bottom row, far right!

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