Monday, November 2, 2009

We're 3!

"Hey everyone, We're 3!"

Reese and Will had a great 3rd birthday with 2 fantastic parties. (Yes, I know I am a little more than a month behind in posting this!!) The first one was a carnival themed party with their friends during lunch. We had it in the basement since it was rainy and the backyard was wet. All the kids had a blast eating popcorn, bouncing in the bounce house, playing carnival games and just hanging out together. After they were done playing it was time to go upstairs and eat lunch. We had hot dogs from the grill and afterwards, it was time to sing Happy Birthday and eat cupcakes! They loved opening their presents and playing for a little while longer before it was time for their friends to leave. Luckily for me, when everyone left, it was nap time!!

After nap, it was time for party number 2! This was a fun cookout with all of our family. Reese and Will loved having cake and ice cream and opening even more presents. The weather turned out to be a little bit better so they were able to play outside with their cousins. :)

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