Friday, November 14, 2008

Afternoon Fun

Our house is FULL of dress up clothes.  Olivia loves to dress up almost everyday.  It is really cute now because she is getting Reese and Will excited about dressing up. Earlier this week she decided that she would pick out their clothes and help to dress them!

Wait a minute, where's Will??
(Can you tell we have an over abundance of stuffed animals and dolls!)

We decided it would be fun if we all sat down to color some Tigger and Pooh pages. I'm sad to say, this is the real first time we have done this.  Reese and Will are just getting out of the "putting everything in their mouth" stage and would eat the crayons. I found it real interesting watching them and seeing how they "colored".  Here they are all sitting at the playroom table.

Reese was real particular with her crayons.  She would line them up and use the first one, then put it at the end of the row.  She continued using them in order until she was finished coloring.

Will on the other hand, had no method of coloring. He just grabbed whichever one was closest and threw it down when he was finished.

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