Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Quick - Grab the Fairy Dust!

Our trip to Disney World was a blast!  A little chilly for Florida in my opinion, but we had our pants, long sleeves, and jackets.  Olivia loved riding Space Mountain and Everest.  We rode those rides several times - luckily it wasn't very crowded.  Her favorite ride, Tower of Terror, we rode 4 times!  She didn't much care for Mission: Space.  I think she was a little confused as to if it was real or not.  (We had just watched the space shuttle launch a week or so ago.)

Let me say though, this trip was a little different than previous trips.  When we were on the Magical Express on our way to our Disney home, the movie started playing.  We had seen the movie several times since we take the Magical Express almost every time we go to Disney.  I didn't think Olivia was paying much attention to it until she said the dreaded words. 

"Mommy, is that a real person in there?" (Referring to Mickey Mouse) 

I about died right there in my chair.  Of course I said, in a very dramatic way, "No that isn't a real person, that is Mickey Mouse!!" Unfortunately, that wasn't the end of her questions. The entire trip, she asked numerous "is that real or pretend" questions. Luckily most of those questions were directed to different parts of the rides, like fake rain or ghosts. 

Her grown up behavior didn't end there.  Her beloved princess Minnie Mouse that she got 2 or so years ago and has been on every trip we have made in those 2 plus years was left in the hotel room. Minnie has rode all of the rides with Olivia, watched all the shows, and ate all meals with us. This time though, after the first day, Olivia wanted to keep her in the hotel room!

Then, at the Bibbidi Bobbiti Boutique, of the 3 hair do's to choose from, she picked the one that looked the least like a princess.  Don't get me wrong - she did look cute, but it wasn't like a princess.  Speaking of princesses, she only wore her Jasmine costume the first 2 days.  After that, she didn't care much to wear it.  She just wanted her "regular" clothes.  This coming from a girl who begged and pleaded with us on all previous trips to wear her costume for the entire time we were there, including to bed!

I was in complete shock.  I was wishing Tinker Bell would have flown down and sprinkled fairy dust all over Olivia to stop her from growing up!  I do think, for the most part, she still believes in it all.  But I could tell this time that she is beginning to maybe see Disney through big girl eyes!  That's not bad, just a little bit different. 

It's the first day, she still has Minnie and costume!!

Ta da! Disney Diva at your service.

Who doesn't love a Mickey Mouse dessert?

Jasmine, meet Jasmine!

Decorating gingerbread cookies at our hotel.

Breakfast was out of this world!  We bought several different pastries from a pastry shop in France (in Epcot) and shared them.  Oh so yummy!


Tanya Richardson said...

I am so jealous!!!!! I can't wait to hear more of your trip and get some wonderful tips from you after you take all of the kids on your next trip. Sounds like you had a nice time.

Carol said...

Oh no, looks like this may be the last trip you go there before she completely figures out it is all pretend. She is too clever.

Looks like fun. We had flirted with the idea of a trip to Disneyland Paris but to be honest Paris in December is just too cold, if only Florida were closer.