Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Who's a drama queen?

Lately Olivia has been acting like a real drama queen.  There is so much drama in everything she does.  Most of the time I just laugh at it.  I even found this cute shirt that says "Such a Drama Queen" and of course I bought it for her. 

Today she decided to wear it - she does look adorable!  So I was in the kitchen cleaning up from breakfast and I glanced into the living room and saw that Olivia was playing with Reese.  All of a sudden I hear Olivia say very loudly, "Reese, you are such a drama queen".  I almost rolled on the floor laughing.  I said to her, "Who's the drama queen?" Apparently it is Reese!


Jenny said...

too funny!

Grandma K. said...

Olivia is queen, Reese is drama princess in training. What a cute story.