Monday, July 7, 2008

The 4th of July

Reese and Will watching the parade.

When are we going to get the candy???

It's fireworks time.
Watch out doggies - I'm coming through.

Wow it was cold today.  I think we might have even broke a record for the coldest 4th of July. In a way, it worked out in my favor.  We started the day out with the parade. Every year the town we live in has 2 days filled with music, food, games, vendors, fireworks, and a huge parade.  I can't comment on the fireworks because the kids are not big enough to stay up that late yet. (But I bet they are great!) The parade however is always a lot of fun.  The kids particulary enjoy it because they get a lot of candy that is thrown from the floats.  This year I was a little worried about taking Reese and Will.  I didn't think that they would sit nicely in the stroller while every other kid around us was running around trying to catch candy.  But like I said earlier, the weather helped me out. It was cold and at times rainy so Reese and Will had no desire to get out of the stroller. Potential disaster diverted!  (We did have the leashes just in case.)  After sitting through most of the parade and having a good lunch at Red Robin, we headed off to Greg's parent's house.  We had a good visit, a great meal, and the kids really had a nice time playing with their new dog Bailey.  The only downfall of the day was trying to let off a few fireworks when Reese and Will got up from their naps.  Now, I remember when Olivia was little - she didn't care for the fireworks but didn't get really that upset.  Greg started small with some colored smoke bombs.  These make absolutely no noise, they just emit colored smoke.  If you could have seen Will's face. (see picture below) It was a terror like I have never seen before.  

Well, I thought we were in the clear because there wasn't any crying. So next came a firework with showers of sparks.  Well, the screaming started and I had to take him inside.  He was shaking so bad. Needless to say, the fireworks didn't last very long.  I guess we'll just try again next year.

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