Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Surf's Up Anyone?

I can't believe that I actually braved the movie theater today!  The theater by us shows free movies for kids during the summer and today was Surf's Up. I started the morning off by telling Olivia that we were going to the movies, but we may need to leave before the movie was over. Luckily we own Surf's Up and she has seen it several times, so she was alright with the fact that we probably weren't going to see the whole thing.  When we arrived (right when the doors opened), we saved seats, and then went to get popcorn! There is nothing better than movie theater popcorn!! After getting our snacks, I buckled Reese and Will into their seats and we waited for the movie to begin.  Unfortunately we had to wait 15 minutes, but I am not going to complain.  Had we gotten their any later, we wouldn't have had good seats - or any for that matter.  The theater was packed.  When the show began, Reese and Will pointed to the screen and yelled "penguins" (in their own language) each time they saw one.  That was every 2 seconds - the movie was all penguins!!  Anyway, we lasted 40 minutes and then had to sneak out.  I will have to say, that experience exceeded my expectations and I think it went very well! Who knows, maybe we'll make another movie this summer!

Here we are waiting for the show to begin.

Olivia sure does love her popcorn.

Are you taking a picture of me??


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