Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bath time fun

The kids had such a good time playing in the bath together.  It's a lot harder with all three, but they do have fun!  I was able to get a decent picture of Will, and then a couple of them with their animal towels.


Reese, Will, and Olivia all wrapped up

This is one of my favorite pictures!


Beav's Wife said...

I love the towels!!!!!!! Super cute! Happy POW!

3boys247 said...

I love the towels. We have a dog, frog, duck, Dora (yes it is pink), and Spongebob.

I love the kids' names. They go so great together.

And I love bath pictures. They are so cute and good to show them later in life. "Look, proof that you used to bathe with your brother..and like it!"

Melissa said...

they are sooo cute!!! I love the towels, and how happy they are!!!

Happy POW!

Chelle said...

They look so cute in the tub! And it looks like they had so much fun together :) Happy POW!

mom2natnkatncj said...

Very cute. Love the towels. Where did you get them?

Mamasphere said...

Those pictures are adorable! All three happy and smiling at the same time!

Carol said...

Love the towels.

I struggle to get a decent picture of two together so I am very impressed you managed with 3!

Jenny said...

Your children are adorable. I just love the towels. The last pic is definitely framable! I have a Will too!
Happy POW!

McMommy said...

Oh my goodness!! Those are the BEST pics ever! Your kids look so cute...and CLEAN! :)