Thursday, July 24, 2008

This is why I am getting gray hair!

Today started out with a great morning visit to my favorite store (Target), playing outside on the play set, and then having lunch. It was then time to take Olivia to golf, so I started packing the diaper bag when I heard Reese screaming in the dinning room.  When I went in to see what was going on, I saw blood running down her mouth.  Terrified, I washed out her mouth and saw a cut on the inside from her teeth and a cut on the outside right below her lip.  I immediately thought that her teeth went straight through (uggggh - I know it's like hearing fingernails down a blackboard!) and quickly packed all 3 kids in the car for a ride to the ER.  Thankfully, it was only a 5 minute drive. All of the kids did surprisingly well considering we were there for 2 1/2 hours during the heart of nap time.  The nurses were great and put in a movie for them to watch and gave them toys to play with.  The good news was that the cut didn't go through her lip - she had two separate cuts.  Plus, she didn't need stitches! They put on a glue adhesive instead which for her is better because she would have just picked at the stitches.  In the short 5 minute car ride home, both Reese and Will fell asleep and I swear I saw about 100 gray hairs begin to pop out on my head.  No Joke!!!

Reese with her fat lip waiting for the doctor to see us.

She had to have numbing cream on for 25 minutes just in case she needed stitches.

Here is the cut with the glue covering it.

Olivia loved playing doctor with the supplies the nurse gave her!

Will was a trooper sitting in the stroller for the entire 2 1/2 hours.


Carol said...

Bless Will for being such a good boy!

I have a couple of gray hairs from the very same ordeal. Not fun!

Leslie said...

OK, first of all I LOVE your blog page. Now second, he sat there the whole time???? How did you manage that?? I am shocked. Also love the stroller. We have the same one! Thirdly, I feel your pain. Been there. My son fell, screamed and blood was everywhere. What's worse? When I peeked in and pulled back his lip, one of his upper teeth was completely sideways. (I almost died right there) And then he spit the tooth out, WHOLE, into my hand. I wanted to cry. My blood drenched 14 month old son had just knocked out a tooth! I'm so sorry, it's a hard thing to see your baby that way. But I understand. ((hugs))

McMommy said...

You are my HERO.
You dealt with blood, 3 kids, and an emergency room trip ALL BY YOURSELF?!?! Seriously, I am SO impressed. I need you to teach me how to stay calm in those kinds of situations!!! I'm the one who loses it...starts crying...calling my husband..etc.

Love your blog! Just added you to my reader!

Mamasphere said...

You must have been so releived!

When I saw the picture of the stroller, at first I thought, wow, that is one cool dr's chair, lol.

Simply Shannon said...

Poor baby! How did she do that?

Chelle said...

Poor thing! That is amazing how well behaved they all were :) I hope she feels better!