Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday

Olivia as Fancy Nancy with her dog Frenchy!

Another great almond flavored cake.

Pinatas are always a lot of fun.

Love the loot!

Ready to sing Happy Birthday.

It wouldn't be a Fancy Nancy party without the parfaits!

Olivia and her friends in their fancy outfits.

Olivia had a fantastic 4th birthday on Sunday.  This year's theme was Fancy Nancy.  We have all of the Fancy Nancy books and pretty much know all the words to each book by heart.  The afternoon started with a party with her girl friends.  The girls played in the bounce house and on the swing set until everyone arrived.  Then it was back indoors for a reading of the first Fancy Nancy book.  After enjoying the book, the girls received manicures and fairy dust before dressing up with only the best accessories.  The cameras were definitely flashing after these fancy girls entered the room!  Next we all went back outdoors to sing Happy Birthday and make parfaits!  Wow would Fancy Nancy be proud.  We had a mountain of toppings.  I think the girls enjoyed piling on the toppings more than actually eating the parfaits.  The pinata came next.  It was so much fun watching everyone swing at the pinata with the stick! Luckily after all the girls had turns with the stick, all we had to do was pull the strings for the candy and toys to fall! Talk about a payday! When it was time to go home, the girls left with a picture from the party and a goody bag with only the fanciest items enclosed.  

After the girls left, we had a cookout with the family.  It was such a nice (hot) day that we decided to get out our big water slide!!  All the kids enjoyed it and it was a great way to cool off!  I think it was a nice ending to a great day.

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The White House said...

That looks like so much fun! Thanks for the ideas- I will certainly put some into play... Where did you get your pinata?