Thursday, September 25, 2008

2 Year Pictures

This morning we went to the mall to get Reese and Will's 2 year pictures taken. My goal was to get individual shots of Reese and Will, a picture of them together, and one of all three kids. Will did a great job posing and what not - although over half of the pictures he didn't smile. Reese was scared of the photographer and said "NO" about a trillion times!  All she wanted to do was sit in the stroller.  She finally warmed up a little when another photographer came in to help and started blowing bubbles. Trying to get a picture of all three kids proved to be even more difficult. Sometimes I think that I get better shots myself by just using the digital camera!  Oh well!!  Here are the pictures we ended up getting today.



Reese and Will playing with bubbles

Will, Olivia, and Reese