Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Big Kid Cups

With 2 days until the big 2nd birthday, I decided to try big kid cups.  I was a little nervous because they are still into the "throwing of the sippy cup" stage and I didn't want milk thrown all over the floor!  But to my surprise, Will was a pro!  He took right to it and had really no problems.  He loved drinking out of a big kid cup (even if it had a fairy princess on it!).  Reese, on the other hand, seemed clueless on the whole concept.  I was really surprised that she didn't get how to do it.  She seems like a pro in the bath - trying to drink the bath water from the play cups!  Hopefully after a couple more tries she'll love drinking out of the big kid cup. 

Will loving his new cup!

Reese is not real sure of this.

Reese and Will love to share food. Well, I should say, Will loves giving food to Reese!

So, Reese and Will love to tell the cat to "shoo" when we are coming down the stairs.  Really anytime the cat is in the way - they yell "shoo".  I guess that has rubbed off on Reese so much so that she is starting to tell me to "shoo"!

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