Monday, September 8, 2008

Ummm, No Mommy

Oh how Olivia is growing up. For someone who just turned 4 this summer, she thinks she is older than dirt.  I have fast learned this weekend that I can no longer correct her on any bits of information, because she knows it all.  For example...

Olivia - Mommy, I love Hannah Montana!

Me - (thinking first, how does she know who Hannah Montana is???) - Oh wow, she is great ;)

Olivia - Yeah, I also love Miley Cyrus!

Me - (again thinking, how do you even know this name???) - Well yeah, they are the same person

Olivia - Ummm, no they aren't Mommy.

Me - Ummm, yes they are Olivia.  They are the same person.  She just puts on a wig and pretends to be Hannah Montana.

Olivia - Mama, they are NOT the same person.

Me - (Definitely not going to win this battle)  - Oh, OK honey.

Example number 2 (again around the topic of Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus)...

Olivia picked out my birthday card this weekend and boy was I surprised when I opened it and saw a Hannah Montana card.  The best part was when you opened it, it sang part of the song "Best of Both Worlds". (I know you are all jealous!!)

So, Olivia opened the card about 100 times singing the little snippet of song and she wanted me to sing with her. I started to sing - and here is the rest...

Olivia - Mommy, you're not singing it right.

Me - Ummm, yes I am

Olivia - Ummm, no your not - it goes like this, "You've got the bag at boat world..."

Me - (Laughing really hard) - Olivia, it's "You've got the best of both worlds"

Olivia - Ummm, no it isn't Mommy.  You've got the bag at boat world...

Me - (after Greg (also laughing) tells me how it is funny that I am arguing with a 4 year old) - Oh, OK honey.

Yes, the girl has a mind of her own!


Mamasphere said...

I say Okay Honey, and Sure Honey all the time! So much easier to give up than try to reason with a four year old.

Chelle said...

Ha! I am so cracking up over here!

Angie said...

OMG...that is so funny, I am cracking up laughing. :-)