Saturday, September 13, 2008

Calling all fancy girls!

Olivia and I had so much fun this morning.  Our local library had a Fancy Nancy party and I was able to get us tickets for the event.  If you remember, Olivia LOVES Fancy Nancy.  Her 4th birthday was themed "Fancy Nancy"! Olivia has been talking about this party for a week now and even came into our room early this morning because she was so excited.  I had her help me pick out a fancy outfit to wear and then we put on her costume.  She decided that she even wanted to take her Fancy Nancy doll and her dog "Frenchy".  When we arrived, the girls were given bead necklaces and they listened to the original Fancy Nancy story.  After the story was over it was cupcake decorating time.  Of course they could choose from light pink frosting or hot pink frosting. Olivia loved decorating the cupcake and she loved eating it even more.  Next it was time for the fashion show!  All the girls and their moms and/or dads were able to walk the runway showing off their fancy outfits.  It was so much fun seeing all of the costumes the girls were wearing.  Finally, there was time for one more story and then it was over!  We had a lot of fun - here are a few pictures of us!

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