Sunday, October 12, 2008

Crazy October Weather

I can not believe that it is the middle of October and we were outside playing in the water. Our weather has been crazy.  The normal highs are in the middle 60's for this time of year.  The past 4 days or so have been in the middle 80's!! Today it was so warm that we broke out our ginormous water slide.  Olivia had so much fun playing with some of her friends in the neighborhood and Reese and Will had a blast when they got up from their nap!!  It is sad to know that reality will be sinking in around Thursday when the temps drop back down to the 60's!!

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Mamasphere said...

An Indian Summer! I wonder if there's a more PC name for that now.

Anyway, love that pool and slide. Your kids must've had a blast with their one last shot at summer fun1