Wednesday, October 8, 2008

'in o up Mommy

Reese and Will's new word of the week is window - or as they say, "in o".  They love pointing to the window in the car and the house and saying "in o up" or "in o down" (in Reese's case, she just yells "in o").  The other day, I put the canopy up in the stroller so the sun wouldn't be in Reese's eyes.  There happens to be 2 plastic sides that she can look out and she now calls this her "in o". Every time we are in the stroller I hear "in o, in o" until I put the canopy up. 

Yesterday, Will took the meaning of window one step further.  They were playing outside and it happened to be sprinkling.  I first went to Reese and put up her hood.  Then Will came to me and said "in o, in o" until I put up his hood.  This morning too, he was trying to grab at his hood saying "in o, in o".  I just had to laugh as I was trying to explain to him that it is a hood and not a window!  

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Mamasphere said...

That last part is so cute!

Window up/Window down was one of my daughter's favorite games at that age. It was so annoying, but cheap.