Friday, October 17, 2008

Halloween Party

Last night we went to the Twin's Club Halloween Party. This was a good trial to see how the kids would do in their costumes before Halloween.  Olivia is a witch, Reese is a butterfly, and Will is an astronaut. They looked absolutely adorable.  I was a little nervous taking them because Reese is in the middle of her "terrible two" stage. At the drop of a hat she will melt down and have a really hard time pulling herself back together. Surprisingly though, she did pretty well.  As soon as we arrived, Olivia found some girls her age and started doing crafts.  Reese found crayons and colored for at least a half an hour.  Will on the other hand - he found the snack table. The boy is the pickiest eater and doesn't eat anything, but when he saw all of the cookies he must have thought he was in heaven! I could not get him away from the cookie table. I think it was because he hardly ever gets sweets and once he tasted a cookie, he was hooked.   I have to give him credit for being resourceful - when he couldn't reach a cookie, he took a paper plate and tried using it as a tool to scoop the cookies closer to him!  Here are a couple of pictures from the party.

Here is where it started, one harmless cookie!

You can see the look of desperation as he tries to figure out how to get more cookies!

"Maybe nobody saw me sneak this cookie - I better eat it fast!"

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