Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Thank you Reese


Thank you so much for being bossy!  Usually, your bossiness isn't appreciated (esp. by Will). But today, you made me stop and slow down.  We have so much fun at dinner when we're all sitting together at the table - talking and eating.  But, in my rush to clean and organize, breakfast and lunch get overlooked.  You, Will, and Olivia sit down together and eat while I spend that time cleaning. Today you looked at me and yelled, "seet down Mommy!!" as you pointed at my chair. You realized that I wasn't in my chair and wanted me to be a part of breakfast and lunch.  So, as I went to sit at the table and saw your smiling face I knew that I needed to take a break and enjoy all three meals with you.  You just turned 2 and before you know it, you'll be grown up and I won't have this opportunity.  So with that, I say Thank You!

I Love You,

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Carol said...

Sometimes us parents do need to be the ones taking the orders. It was obviously important to her. Bless her!