Thursday, October 2, 2008

Stats and a little surprise

We had a great doctor's appointment this morning.  Ok, except for the fact that Reese freaked out when she had to get on the scale and get measured for her height.  Oh, and when the doctor was trying to listen to her breathe and listen to her heartbeat.  She looked at the doctor and yelled, "NO, DON'T, and STOP"! Other than that, things went well.  All three kids were able to get the flu mist. They all do pretty well with shots, but the mist - that's great stuff!  There was no crying - only surprised looks when the mist was going up their noses. Now let's cross our fingers that nobody gets the flu this year. Here are their 2 year stats:

Reese - 30 lbs. (85th %tile) and 35 in. tall (75th %tile)
Will - 28 lbs. (50th %tile) and 34 in. tall (50th %tile)

On a side note (and to my surprise), Olivia likes to wear jeans now!  Most of you know that she has only worn dresses for the past year or longer.  She used to wear skirts, until they started making them with the built in shorts.  No way did she want to wear those.  But yesterday she said that she would like to start wearing jeans!  I was so excited!  There are so many cute long sleeve shirts that she can wear now!!  Here is a picture of her in her jeans. No joke, it has been over a year since the girl has worn jeans. (OK, I know her top is long enough to be a dress - but look at the jeans!!! It's a start.)


Mamasphere said...

All of your kids are such cuties (from this post and the last one)!

I didn't realize that only one inch could make such a difference in the percentile chart!

Gibson Twins said...

AWW! How cute!! I was "that" kid too- I would always wear dresses and NEVER EVER jeans! Now jeans are my favorite thing to wear besides pjs.