Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Sweet Little Boy

My sweet little boy, who is so calm and layed back, has turned a corner this week. (Look, isn't he so calm and layed back!!!)

Isn't he sweet - just sucking his thumb!

Oh, this corner he has turned is not a very good corner!  All of a sudden, the boy in him has decided to come out.  Personally I think he had the best teacher with Reese - I know she taught him everything.  He's been slowly watching, taking notes and has finally gotten up the courage to act. 

"Hmmm, now is the time to show them what I've got!"

My sweet little boy has been in time out more times this week than I care to count. He has been climbing on furniture, getting in the trash, standing on the dining room table swinging the chandelier, hitting his sisters, ignoring me when I tell him no, and laughing when he gets into trouble!  (And that's just scratching the surface.) The only saving grace for me is that he stays in time out when I put him there.  I really think he likes it. So, when does the terrible 2's end???


Tanya said...

Honestly, I think we are in for another couple of years :) I am so with you and your angst. We also are experiencing the same stuff. Mine rotates between the two!

Danielle (Life with the Hewitt Family) said...

Don't you just hate it when they laugh at you when you are getting on to them for something? That just drives me crazy. Carter only does that with me...No Fair!

Happy POW!

Mamasphere said...

At least he wasn't swinging ON the chandelier, lol. The terrible twos just turn into the even more terrible threes. Four has been pretty good so far. Just hang in there!